Yu Darvish, so close to a perfect game

Last night, the Texas Rangers took on the Houston Astros.  This is the Astros second game in the AL.  Meanwhile, on the opening night, the Astros embarrassed the Rangers beating them 8-2.  Now its the Rangers turn.  Ace pitcher Yu Darvish is now going to take the mound.  Early in the third inning, newly acquired first basemen drives Craig Dentry home, and the Rangers take a one run lead.  Still through six innings Yu Darvish is perfect.  Then second basemen Ian Kinsler slugs a two run homer to give the Rangers a three run lead.  The Astros still cannot do anything with Darvish at the mound, and the Rangers took over with a huge double into left field by Nelson Cruz.  After that, Mitch Moreland hits a sacrifice fly, which brings Cruz home.

Darvish still perfect through the eighth, despite struggling to get the batters out, quickly.  In the ninth the Rangers added two more runs, with a triple by shorstop Elvis Andrus which sent Kinsler home, and a single by Lance Berkman which brought Andrus home.  The spotlight was all on Darvish.  In the ninth inning with two outs shorstop Marwin Gonzalez breaks Darvish’s perfect game, but the Rangers still win 7-0.

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  1. meni says:

    san francisco giants are best team n

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