The importance of having an ace pitcher in your fantasy lineup

Pitching, has only been improving the last couple of years.  First the strikeouts increased thanks to cannon armed pitchers Clayton Kershaw, Stephen Strasburg, Justin Verlander, and Yu Darvish.  Second, more perfect games and no-hitters, (Yu Darvish almost had a perfect game).  Third, there are more younger player coming into the major’s, so there will be more 100 mile an hour fastball’s.  Young guns like Gerrit Cole or Dylan Bundy, could rule the major’s for years to come, but right now the pitcher the is ruling pitching is Justin Verlander.  Verlander is one of the rare pitchers, that even when the pitch count is in the low hundreds he can still pop in a 99 mile an hour fastball.

In fantasy baseball, pitchers typically get the most points per start rather than a batter.  For example, even an average pitcher put up more points than the best batter.  Take a guy like Wei Yin Chen, and compare him to Ryan Braun, last year Chen had about almost seven points per start more than Braun had per game.  Then compare him to an ace like Verlander, and Verlander had about 14 more point per start than Braun.  Always look for sleepers, or guys that have had success in their past.  Guys like outfielder Carlos Quentin )(who had an MVP like season in 2008), or Brett Lawrie (who in his rookie year he had nine homers in 43 games).  Baseball in changing, with more strikeouts, more fire ballers, and more young guns ready to take the scene.

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