Masters Preview

In two days, the best golfers in the world face off in Augusta, Georgia in the most prestigious golf tournament, called the Masters.  People are saying that Tiger Woods will win it all, but I disagree.  Okay, we can pretty much agree that Woods has been the best golfer in the past 15 years, but recently, Tiger hasn’t been roaring at the Masters, instead its been young Irish superstar Rory McIlroy.  He hasn’t won in the past couple of years that he has attended the tournament, but through the first couple of rounds of the Masters, he has been sensational, but recently he hasn’t been himself.  It started with his excuse of his tooth pain, then it was struggling to make putts, or even make the cuts on tournaments.  Still I think that McIlroy will win because he plays so well through the first two rounds.

Tiger Woods has never been my favorite golfer, and he will never be.  First of all, Tiger has struggled with the media, second of all Tiger throws his club and curses on the course, third of all, he has gotten into too many incandescence’s for me to like.  For example him cheating on his wife, forget that, last year when Tiger struggled to make the cut at the Masters, he was fined.  He just doesn’t have golfers etiquette compared to a guy like Phil Mickelson.  Watch out for guys like Steve Stricker and Lee Westwood who are looking to get their first major.

In all, I think that Rory McIlroy will win, but watch out for some young guns, and some oldies.  It will be one of the most exciting tournaments to watch!


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2 Responses to Masters Preview

  1. Andy N says:

    Interesting perspective, Ari. A lot of people feel the same way as you about being disappointed in Tiger’s fall from grace. I think we all expected a lot more from him, with as high on a pedestal as we placed him. But he has worked very hard through public embarrassment and severe injuries to reclaim world’s number one spot in golf- and he’s won more times at Augusta National than any other active player.
    Do I think he’ll win? Last month I’d have said no way- but as hot as his putter was at Bay Hill- he probably is going to keep himself in position for a Sunday run. After all- every Masters fan (sorry- Masters PATRONS) knows that the key to winning the tournament is where you place your approach shots- always below the hole- and how well you play the greens. Tiger’s smart and his putter is H-O-T.
    But this year I’m going with Dustin Johnson.
    Whoever it is- I believe it will be a first-time major winner.
    Good Luck to all. Enjoy the week.

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