NBA Draft Preview

1.  Cleveland Cavaliers:  Otto Portor Jr Small Forward Georgetown:  Porter’s versatile, a good shooter, and he can play about every position.  He shot over 44% this year at Georgetown, he’s the complete package.

2.  Orlando Magic:  Nerlens Noel Center Kentucky:  Yes, the Magic may have to wait for Noel to play, but he’s a shot blocking machine.  People compare him to Dwight Howard, but I think he’s a little bit like Dikembe Mutombo.

3.  Washington Wizards:  Victor Oladipo Small Forward/Shooting Guard Indiana:  He is the most versatile player in the draft plus he is a fantastic defender.  He’s also a decent shooter, he reminds of Andre Igoudala.

4.  Charlotte Bobcats:  Ben McLemore Shooting Guard Kansas:  He’s the best three point shooter in the draft, besides he would be a fantastic compliment.  If you like Ray Allen he is an athletic Ray Allen.

5.  Phoenix Suns:  Anthony Bennett Small Forward/Power Forward UNLV:  He is a mixture of a Small Forward and a Power Forward.  He shot 38% behind the arc.

6.  New Orleans Pelicans:  Alex Len Center Maryland:  He is an athletic big man, and he is 7 foot 1 inches, not a good shooter, but he can work on it.  A dynamic game changer on the defensive end, and a rebounding machine.

7.  Sacramento Kings:  Cody Zeller Center Indiana:  Zeller is a fantastic all-around player.  He’s great on the defensive end where he mostly blocks shots, he’s a decent shooter, and he can change the game with the amount of rebounds he grabs.

8.  Detroit Pistons:  Kentavious-Caldwell Pope Shooting Guard Georgia :  He’s a fantastic shooter.  He’s a game changer on the defensive side averaging over two steals a game, and averaging seven rebounds a game.

9.  Minnesota Timberwolves:  CJ McCollum Shooting Guard Leigh:  He can play shooting guard because he’s such a dynamic scorer.  It could be Rubio at point guard and McCollum at shooting guard.  He scored 30 points against Duke last season.

10.  Portland Trail Blazers:  Steven Adams Center Pittsburgh:  No.1 he’s seven foot with a gifted wingspan of 7-5 which gives him a great chance to contest shots at the rim.  He’s a good rebounder, but shot only 44% from the free throw line.

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