Week 12 Pick’em Early Games

Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens: Interestingly enough, the Ravens have lost their last five to the Bengals, but are playing a Bengals team that is without their number one receiver AJ Green and shifty third down back Giovani Bernard. The last time the Ravens defeated the Bengals was in week 11 of 2013. This game is pretty simple, the Bengals are   1-4 on the road without two players who account for 47 percent of their pass offense. I’ll take the Ravens who happen to have won their last two home games against division rivals. Prediction: Ravens 23-16.

Tennessee Titans @ Chicago Bears: I have a really difficult time seeing the Chicago Bears defense who allow 24 points a game stopping a Titans offense that has averaged over 32 points in their last 7 games. If the Bears do stop the Titans offense, let me know. Prediction: Titans 30-20.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Buffalo Bills: The Jaguars have been a massive disappointment, even for them. Even though they went 5-11 last season, they made some big moves in free agency and it was just another year for young quarterback Blake Bortles to develop. This season the defense has actually been very good, but their offense has turned the ball over 22 times, the most in the NFL. A repeat at 5-11 is reasonable (their 2-8) if Bortles can figure things out and earn himself another year as the starter for an incumbent team. The Bills on the other hand are in the thick of things in the playoff race, but need a win today before they face Oakland and Pittsburgh in weeks 13 and 14. The last time these two teams met, the Jaguars beat the Bills 34-31 in London. In the second quarter the Jags scored 27 points in that game. They have only scored 27 points once in an entire game this season. I’ll take Buffalo in what should be a routine game for them. Prediction: Bills 31-17.

New York Giants @ Cleveland Browns: I know this is gonna sound weird, but the Browns quarterback play really hasn’t been that bad. Cody Kessler who has played in eight of the Browns eleven games actually has a 92.6 passer rating and 65.6 completion percentage. Those numbers rank 15th and 13th. What’s been bad for Cleveland is that they are allowing 29.3 points per game and only scoring 16.7 points. That is the biggest margin of any NFL team. This is another pretty simple game, the Giants are on a five game winning streak and have the most improved defense in the NFL. This should be a cupcake game for the           G-men. Actually, the last time these two teams met, the Browns were 0-4 and got blown out 41-27 and allowed 502 yards. The Giants are playing the Browns when they have a combined record of 0-15. That’s only one loss away from the big 0-16. Prediction: Giants 24-14.

Arizona Cardinals @ Atlanta Falcons: The Arizona Cardinals have been a massive disappointment this season, but have played better since a rough 1-3 start. Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer has returned to his career normal this season indicating that last season was an utter fluke. He can start to prove me wrong with a win against the 6-4 Falcons. When teams are backed against a wall they can only move forward. The Falcons play in one of the weaker divisions in the NFL and still have plenty of wiggle room before their playoff chances are doomed. I will take Arizona in a must win for them. Prediction: Cardinals 28-25.

Los Angeles Rams @ New Orleans Saints: The Rams have scored a combined 26 in their last three games. The Saints have scored more than 26 points in half of their games. With a rookie quarterback (Jared Goff) who had a losing record in college, I would say the chances of him winning in the Super dome are as slim as it gets. Last week, one of the positives the Rams pointed out was that Goff didn’t get called for a delay of game penalty. If that is one of the only positives that you can take from a game your doing pretty bad. Prediction: Saints 24-10.

San Francisco 49ers @ Miami Dolphins: The 49ers haven’t won since week one where they shut out the Rams. The Dolphins have won 5 straight and have a running back that has ran for an average of 137 yards during the five game winning streak. The 49ers allow the most rushing yards per game with 180. That’s more than last seasons worst run defense by more than 45 yards. Prediction: Dolphins 34-27.

San Diego Chargers @ Houston Texans: The Texans are undefeated at home, but have a quarterback that has a 74.9 passer rating which is worse than the likes of Blake Bortles, Case Keenum, and Joe Flacco. Gee, I wish I could get paid 18 million dollars a year to be ranked behind those guys. Prediction: Chargers 23-14.

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