I am a 13 year old self proclaimed sports genius!  Seriously, I love sports and love to talk about sports, so why not create a blog and start posting?  I hope you enjoy reading all of my articles and if you disagree with me, you are probably wrong!

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  1. eliana :) says:

    You should add soccer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Andy Berry says:

    Ari, my name is Andy. I met you, your dad and your brother at Subway on Sunday. Thanks for the spirited conversation about my beloved Panthers. I don’t want to see any anti Cam Newton blog posts. Awesome blog. Keep up the writing bro.

  3. drbob@doc4kids.com says:

    OK Ari,
    Uncle Bob Here. I have $50 that I am putting on the SUper Bowl. I am in the typical lottery and I need to know what the spread is and what I should put on the game. Please let me know how I should handle this.
    Love the post!!!
    You are soo smart.
    Love you,
    Uncle Bob

  4. Andrew says:

    What do you think of Rob Gronkowski? Is he the best TE in the nfl today?

  5. Andrew says:

    What do you think of Tom Brady, do you think he will retire soon and if he does will he goto the hall of fame? What do you rank him as Top 5 or top ten of all time? Thanx

    • Good question. Right now, I think Brady will stay in the league a bit longer considering that Ridley and Vereen stay strong. Top five quarterback when he gets into the hall of fame? Maybe. I think if he ends his career of with a super bowl than yes, if not I’m not sure if he gets my nod.

  6. Matt says:

    Do you think RGIII will have a breakout year like how AP did last year?

    • No. RG3 and the Redskins don’t need to put the ball in his hands, besides Alfred Morris is a workhorse. Any ways RG3 is probably not going to make it for the first week of play. Alfred Morris might have a better year than last year if RG3 doesn’t return.

  7. Matt says:

    Alright, who do you think has the best pitching rotation in the MLB? Iv’e heard that the Nationals do and iv’e also heard that the D-Backs have a very respective rotation. So who do you think has the best rotation in MLB?

    • Aaron says:

      Well, I think the D-Backs do they have some very good starters including Ian Kennedy, Wade Miley, Trevor Cahill, Brandon McCarthy, And the 5th spot will be a battle between young pitchers Tyler Skaggs, Patrick Corbin, and Randell Delgado. So spring training will tell us who that 5th spot will go to. I also think that the D-Backs will make a long postseason run with a very talented lineup which I think will look like this. 1 Eaton/Parra 2 Aaron Hill 3 Cody Ross 4 Paul Goldschimidt 5 Jason Kubel 6 Martin Prado 7 Miguel Montero 8 Cliff Pennington. As you can see the D-Backs have added a lot of depth to their team which is just what they needed to make a postseason run.

    • Titus says:

      D-Backs do according to mlb.com™ So I guess I would go with the D-Backs too. And besides that I got autographs from Ian Kennedy P Daniel Hudson P Trevor Cahill P Josh Collmenter P
      Wade Miley P David Hernandez P Tyler Skaggs P
      Patrick Corbin P Tony Sipp P Ryan Wheeler 3b John Mac SS
      Willie Bloomquist IF Aaron Hill 2B Paul Goldschimidt 1B
      Jason Kubel LF Adam Eaton CF Don Baylor (hitting coach who is also a hall of famer) Steve Sax (future hall of famer) and Diamondback Legends Matt Williams And World Series MVP Luis Gonzalez Oh and also Steve Finley And Randy Johnson is this a good collection

      GO D-BACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Titus says:

    Who do you think will win the super bowl next year? Any predictions Ari? is that a nickname or is that your real name? Broncos vs 49ers Broncos win 31 – 17

  9. Albert says:

    Where do you think the top free agents will go including
    Wes Welker
    Darelle Revis
    Greg Jennings
    Ed Reed
    Joe Flacco
    Danny Woodhead
    And the other top players that I missed.

    Hy Ari! if you are a self proclaimed sports genius then why have you not responded to Matts question on the starting rotations he did ask a good question you know!

    • Seth says:

      I believe Wes Welker will stay with the Patriots.
      Darelle Revis will most likly get traded to whatever team gives the best offer to the jets.
      The next one is tough. But I think he will go to the Miami Dolphins.
      Ed Reed and Joe Flacco will probley stay with the Ravens. They wouldnt risk having them leave.
      Danny Woodhead is a great weapon for the Pats but… He probely will be wearing a different uniform next year.

      Dwight Freeney I picture seeing him in a Bronco uniform because Peyton Manning is begging for him to join him.

      I know Im not Ari, And I probely dont have the right answers but they are answers.

  10. James says:

    Who is your favorite baseball team and football team and basketball team and hockey team? this is a list of my favorites.

    Mlb- St. Louis Cardinals
    Nfl- Green Bay Packers
    Nba Chicago Bulls I HATE THE HEAT! Sorry if that offends anybody.
    Nhl Chicago Blackhawks

    • Football Team: Cincinnati Bengals
      MLB: Baltimore Orioles
      NBA: Boston Celtics
      NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins

      • Sam says:

        Nfl team New England Patriots
        Mlb team Boston Red Sox
        Nba team Boston Celtics
        Nhl team Boston Bruins
        Ncaa football team Alabama
        Ncaa baseball team Arizona Wildcats
        NCAA basketball team Butler Bulldogs

      • Good choices! Butler has been one of those teams that has gone unnoticed in the rankings. Alabama is so hard to beat.

      • Joshua says:

        Nfl New England Patriots
        Mlb Arizona Diamondbacks
        Nba I dont watch cause now its not a team sport
        Nhl Phoenix Coyetes

        I am a true Fan of all these teams I bleed red silver and blue.
        GO PATRIOTS!!!

      • Joshua says:

        Nba is not a team sport any more its become a one man show. Now all a player wants to do is what he wants.


      • Tell me how its a one man show.

      • Joshua says:

        It is a one man show because guys like Lebron James, Derric Rose, Chris Paul and Blake Griffen they are the only ones that get the praise when they win and if their team loses then its well they didnt pass the ball to me enough. Basketball is only a team sport in collage levels and younger.

        My last comment about spring training is wrong now the past three days I got 29 balls from watching them practice. If you want to see a team sport its baseball. You cant play without a pitcher or a batter. Basketball you can play one on one NOW TELL ME IS THAT A TEAM SPORT 1vs1 NO!!!!!

        Jesus Loves you very very much! 🙂

  11. Joshua says:

    I love Spring Training I go to the fanfests they have and to about ten games.
    It probley helps that I live across the street from them but how about you do you like spring training?

    I just get so excited about it all! 🙂 ··

  12. Asana Melder says:

    I just found this blog and i really like it. U must b a really smart kid. 😉

  13. Adam says:

    Ari, I have some questions about the combine and free agents. First of all where do you think guys like.
    Derelle Revis
    Wes Welker
    Greg Jennings
    Percy Harvin (will he be traded?)

    And about the combine Is it for the draft?

    Ive heardthat this years draft is mainly a defense type draft compared to last year. Who will the Chiefs, Jaguars and all the teams Draft?
    I bet you have all the right answers to these questions so please try to hurry I got some explaining to do.
    What is your favorite sport?

    • Revis is going to be traded to what I think will be the 49ers. Look the Jets might be able to strike a deal for Alex Smith. Wes Welker is staying in New England. Harvin could easily be traded, but I think he’s going to stay in Minnesota. Greg Jennings he’s a question mark. You know he will probably stay in Green Bay, but if not the chiefs might sign him if Dwayne Bowe goes loos. The Chiefs need to draft Geno Smith. I think its great that he’s participating in the combine because he can show off his skills. Guys like Matt Barkley who don’t get to participate are unlucky. Barkley could really take advantage of this opportunity, but he’s not.I think the Jaguars are gonna draft a guy like Damontre Moore. There are a ton of quality defensive lineman like, Moore, Jarvis Jones, Bjoern Werner, Sharrif Floyd, Ezekiel Ansah, Dion Jordan, and Margus Hunt, all of these guys could go in the top 5.

  14. Eli Weatherspoon says:

    I jst found this blog it’s pretty cool. But I noticed that you didn’t answer all of the questions so I hope you answer this one.

    Who do you think will go the nba finals and win the championship?

    • I think that the Nuggets are a big under dog. They can run in transition as well as any team in the NBA. Andre Igoudala is a good player, he pretty much does everything. Kenneth Faried is a beast on the boards and he can run in transition for his size. I also think that the Pacers will go. They get Danny Granger back, David West has been great, and Paul George has improved tremendously.

  15. Mark R. says:

    With Alex Smith going to the Chiefs….. What will happen to Matt Cassel?

  16. Mark R. says:

    With Opening Day coming how important is a win for each team?

  17. Mark R. says:

    Will the Lakers make the playoffs?

  18. Mark R. says:

    I know that its just spring training……… But what are your top ten power rankings?
    And what ten teams need to make adjustments?

  19. Ben says:

    Wih March Madness here what is your bracket like and who will win it all.

    (The ball was tipped there you are your running for your life your a shooting star.)

  20. Ben says:

    Do you even like baseball Ari? Have you even been to a game?

  21. Shoshana says:

    You need to add Dance, Swimming, and Tennis. Then I wil visit your website more Often. I know some websites that I can give you for you info on these three topics.

  22. Hay Ari Congrats on being on the radio Ari

  23. Rochie says:

    your sight is awsome its hard to believe your only 10, few comments tho, u must update your hockey, and please write a whole lot about my teams , the bears, bulls, and blackhawks, thanks!

  24. drbob@doc4kids.com says:

    Uncle Bob here. Do you have any predictions on the Patriots game today???

  25. Ben Miller says:

    Hey Ari its Ben from camp how are you doing

  26. Good for you! I’ll have to share your blog with my 11 year old who also loves sports.
    So, are you cheering for the Hawks?

  27. Harold J. Martin says:

    I will give you $4,000 for your website. I really enjoy the wonderful information that is on your website. I would be able to post new things on time, and include some new ideas for the readers.
    Thank You for creating this website and I hope you will generously take my offer.

  28. Harold J. Martin says:

    How about if I give you a $1000 and I’ll help you run your website. I would help update it, and get you more readers.

  29. Harold J. Martin says:

    I really love sports, and I know a lot about it.

    • I really appreciate the offer, but until I am coming up with new changes for the site very soon and I am planning on adding more writers in the future if you would like to be a writer, contact me and we will talk, but I do not want to sell my website at this time.

  30. Harold feel free to contact me through my email if you would like to be a writer, but I will still own all of the content.

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